"we sell beautiful things."

成立於2013年八月,店主私語:「今天開始要成為美好生活商店!」 經過半年時間的磨蹭、思考與消化,走遍了各國優秀的獨立商店,收到過很多客人的窩心鼓勵訊息,最後決定將小店由古著店重新訂義為 Lifestyle Select Shop,設立了 " Rooms Collect! " 的巨型雜貨桌, 搜集並挑選來自世界各地美麗而本地市場缺乏的文具、餐具、功能性隨身品、獨立藝術家的工藝用品、甚至簡單如一支好的果汁、一支筆也在我們的搜購目標裡,衣服我們引入最基本簡潔舒適的日常服,發掘不同有趣的獨立藝術家、創作者加盟,經營模式不追隨潮流也不受任何限制," we love, we found, we share, and we sell beautiful things. " 因為熱愛、所以發現,並且分享給身邊所有人,隨著好奇心走下去,定會發現能讓生活變得更美好的美麗之物,storerooms 生活商店正式開催!


Founded in 2013 August.

storerooms is a cozy place that locates in the heart of the city. All distinctive beautiful things are selected and collected from worldwide. The items were collected by artists and designers and they reflect an unique and artistic lifestyle. The place is furnished with all antiques and greens, creating a tranquility that gathers designers, artist, stylists and creative people. Ad-Hoc events are arranged with food and beverage, in order to promote local designers, artists and musicians.